rainbow dash

This mod replaces Tails with a playable Rainbow Dash from the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It also includes new music tracks from my good friend rosie-eclairs to replace some jingles with remixes of music from the show. This was months in the making, and now finally fully feature completed. All sprite art was done by myself.

This is non-profit and in no way affiliated with Hasbro Studios, Discovery Family or the My Little Pony brand.

panoramhusky - sprite art, script and animation edits
rosie-eclairs - music remixes
xPesifeindx - art used in main menu background
Botchan-MLP - created Desktop Ponies, which some sprites inspired poses in this mod
AlmostFictional - art used in character select/thumbnail
GreenMachine987 - art referenced in the ending pose sprite
Daniel Ingram - composed the original songs remixed
Stuart Ferguson - composed original song remixed in the super theme
Hasbro/Discovery Family - owns Rainbow Dash and MLP:FiM




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